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by Tristan on StonerShake
Great product, great communication

First off, I really appreciate how fast you get responses from Stoner Shake. When there was some uncertainty about international shipping, Maurice was super quick to answer and provide all the info I needed.As for the product: These are the best "shakes instead of lunch" I've tried so far. Great taste, texture, feeling of satiety and most importantly: some variation. I have to say though that as I'm an athlete one bag for four meals becomes three meals for me, I need quite some energy. Still a good deal though and a good way to avoid the typical lunch traps at work. I especially like the Chocolate/Coconut flavor.

by Michael on StonerShake

While the texture is unusual, once you get used to that it really is quite enjoyable for powdered food. Stonershake comes with one pack per meal, allowing you to mix one in the morning and take three more with you and mix them in around the day to have a full day worth of nutrition even when you don't have time to eat.

by Chris on StonerShake
Love the recipe / high shipping rates

I really enjoy the product en love the natural recipe. But with the current shipping rates to the USA and duty charges it's almost not worth it for a tryout pack. Love the product though!

by Marre on StonerShake
Totally cool

My boyfriend ordered it for him self. But i almost ate it all. Going to order another batch of strawberry. Just perfect fastfood! Thank you guys for great support the other day!

by Oscar on StonerShake

Had is from a friend. Thought it would be nothing for me. But now im here to order big bags of cocochoco! Love this food. Verru easy and conveniend!

by David on StonerShake
Love it

Great product, great company. Cheers David

by Ramon on StonerShake
Perfect gamer food!

Never heard of it before. Friend of mine is using it for a while now. Tried it for the last week. And i must say, it is easy and im feeling energized again. Im a beloved gamer. And i must admit i don't eat that well. So im very happy whit this kind of 'food'.. Going to order a big bag of banana!

by pete grindel on StonerShake
im in love

no obnoxios flavors i dig it

by Anton on StonerShake

Yesterday i had my first meal of stonershake. For me the taste is better than expected. The preparation is very easy and super fast. After drinking i felt not so full like after a normal lunch. But till dinner i had no hunger. i really recommend this product to all lazy cooks.

by Michel Jonker on StonerShake
Easy and tasty

Totally nice to eat. Last week i started to eat is as breakfast. Had a busy week so i started to eat it the whole day. Im feeling energized and awoke. Now ordering big bag for the lazy banana. Love it!

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