StonerShake will be changing name soon,

We’ve noticed, along the way,  that the stigma on Stoners and the Stoner lifestyle is a sturdy one. Whenever we talk about our product the first questions on people’s mind is:’Is there drugs in it?’ or ‘Is this especially made for people who are on drugs?’

Many of you also told us through the survey and through personal Skype-calls (thanks a bunch!) that you’re reluctant to share your favorite shake with co-workers and friends. So after a lot of twisting, fighting and raising voices we decided to rename our brand to the maturity it has come to! The new name will be… *drumroll*


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New name, new style!

A new name kinda feels like getting a fresh haircut as well. Some new clothes and maybe a new pair of shoes. We came to the conclusion that the whole idea behind StonerShake was kind of a gimmick. Seeing that all of us are schooled in design and digital and we have a passion for all kinds of food, we decided to move closer to ourselves. And we like to help.

We want to help you take care of yourself and actually think along in that process. We see a lot of challenges and this is our way of offering a solution. We’re in the business part of things but we like to keep things humane and down-to-earth. We want to keep it real.

New Formula!

With the launch of the new identity, we will be launching our new formula starting the 1st half of may! The new version will be smoother, finer in texture and overall a more drinkable product.

The major changes will be as follows:

  • Sunflower seeds will be replaced with ground flaxseed.
  • The chia seeds will be replaced with rapeseed oil.
  • A small amount (3 grams a day) of hemp protein is added.
  • Wakeup Cappuccino will be without cocoa.Vitamins and minerals will be more balanced.

More about this soon.

500 grams bags and a price drop

After much deliberation we’ve decided to remove the Packed Per Meal variant. This was becoming a costly hobby due to all the work that had to be done. We are looking into a more durable solution for bringing 125 grams of our powder with you. You can expect a durable solution from us around the beginning of Q3.

Starting the first half of may 500 grams daybags will be the standard for Lently. With a minimum of 4 bags per order.

This change in quantities leads to a price drop. Going from 2,05 per meal to 1,75 per meal!

And I can hear you thinking: “But Mus what about my delicious StonerShake formula?!”

You can keep ordering the original formula until the 31st of june 2017. After that we are waving our previous formula goodbye. So if you really like the current formula, get your StonerShake-stock now.

New style, new website!

In the timeframe StonerShake has been online, together with the survey and conversations with some of you this has resulted in a total overhaul of the website.

Calculator tool

We’ve designed a tool that will help you calculate the quantity of Lently that you can order. This way your package will be composed of exactly what you need. This way, together, we can do more about food waste and get you what you need.

Customized orders

Are you crazy for Strawberry Dreams but do you like the taste of CocoChoco once in awhile? With the new website you have the ability to customize your order completely. So say you wish to order 15 Strawberry Dreams bags and 7 CocoChoco, you have the freedom to compile your order that way.

The transition

This all takes a lot of time and energy. So it might be happening that we, and you as our customer, will experience some hickups. We apologize in advance for any troubles that may occur and please, don’t hesitate to get in touch whenever something is not to your liking or whenever it is, of course.

There. I hope this bit of information is enough for now. You know where to find us if you have anything to ask! And we will be updating this article as we crawl closer to the reveal of the new website. Don’t worry, we’ll notify you as soon as we’ve launched.

Oh and you will receive a taste of the new formula with any order placed from next week!

Enjoy your shakes and enjoy your day!

For the StonerShake team,
Mustafa Boutzamar